Improving production efficiency for Monteverde


The challenge

Monteverde is a company that deals with providing customized Monteverde is the leading company in quality and reliability in the poultry sector.

It is a very dynamic company focused on finding innovative solutions to satisfy its customers with high-quality products.

Monteverde's need is to implement a high-performance and agile software solution to precisely track the entire production process.

TOOLS for SMART MINDS is required the versatile and reliable platform, based on National Instruments acquisition boards, for the automatic and real-time control of Monteverde's production department.



The Solution

To meet all of Monteverde's needs, T4SM has developed a complete ultra-fast, high-performance, efficient and accurate solution.

T4SM's solution for the agile control of the specific production plant for cutting chickens, combined with the implementation of the weighbridge, has allowed Monteverde to improve business efficiency in a short time, automating all repetitive manual actions, such as

  • Compilation of paper tables to specify the different production batches processed;
  • Activation and automatic control of the stations that must be used;
  • Balanced distribution of the processed product in the different packaging points combined with an automatic selection with respect to the configured weight for the batch.


Monteverde Solution Diagram

Monteverde Solution Diagram


Benefits and Results

All goals have been achieved allowing Monteverde to obtain significant benefits, such as:

  • The intelligent tracking of all production line data with one click.  The digitization of the plant data is more precise and faster, allowing an immediate consultation of the information to all company personnel. Therefore, this generates a clear improvement of the production process at all levels, eliminating the paper present in the production department and the human errors of filling in paper forms.
  • Automated real-time plant control. Having a complete and instantaneous visualization of everything that happens during the production process allows to plan company strategies in the shortest time and to adapt to market, production and quality requirements, thus becoming more competitive.
  • The simplification of work for the entire company with the easy and intuitive interfaces of the solutions.


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" T4SM's choice proved to be more than satisfactory. We are very satisfied with the chosen system because it has proved to be extremely effective and innovative, in the same way we were positively surprised by the availability and professionalism of T4SM employees. Without any doubt, our choice will allow us to be competitive on the market and to stand out from all our competitors. "


azienda Avicola Monteverde



  • Precise traceability of the production process
  • Automatic and intelligent line control
  • Elimination of paper
  • Elimination of human error







Based on a system consisting of software solution specific to chicken cutting lines.




  • CompactRio
  • Virtual PC





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