Intek S.p.A.,  an independent test measurement laboratory operating in electric/electronic field, needs software for data collection of laboratory test for ATEX directives.

Software for data collection of laboratory test for ATEX directives


The challenge

INTEK S.p.A. is an independent test and measurement laboratory operating in electric/electronic field.

The laboratory has an explosion-proof chamber for tests in according to the directives IEC/EN 60079-1 and IEC/EN 60079-15.

The chamber has an internal volume of about 4m3 and can accommodate devices with dimensions up to 1000x1000x2000 mm with the ability to supply the devices under test with a voltage up to 800 V AC and a maximum current of 100 A. The gas mixing system is designed to achieve regulatory mixtures with oxygen and hydrogen, acetylene, ethylene, propane or methane. The correctness of the mixtures is compared through sample mixtures using a gas chromatograph.

Intek S.p.A. needed to test devices with the aim of measuring the pressure peaks during the explosion triggers of gas mixtures that simulate the oil conditions. All data relating to the explosion (temperature and pressure) must be collected and saved in order to assess the conformity of the test object according to the required directives.

The technological challenge is the need to acquire signals at high speed up to a million of data per second.

A fundamental requirement is the reliability of the measuring system since the tests are destructive.  


Photo of the first laboratory room containing the explosion-proof chamber



The solution

To meet the demand of Intek, a stand-alone system consisting of iDaq and Easy Data Logger, two software solutions developed by T4SM, has been chosen. iDaq is a configurable and expandable software for data acquisition. Data is saved in files through Easy Data Logger. iDaq simplifies each test and measurement operation due to the easy setup and the ability to switch from one configuration to another in just one click.
Easy Data Logger, add-on for iDaq, allows easy and fast data storage thanks to its customizable interface and the ability to create synoptic panels in a few clicks. 


Second laboratory room from which test is observed



Benefits and results

The system proposed by our team is able to acquire up to a million of data per second, and is compliant with the standards to which tests conducted by Intek must submit.

With the solution proposed by our team all the objectives have been achieved. The main benefits experienced by Intek were in particular the system reliability, accuracy and simplicity of use.

The ease of use and access speed to data of iDaq and Advanced Signal Visualizer has facilitated us in the management of accreditation procedures.
T4SM has proven to be a good partner both for the time dedicated to us and for the quality of the provided answers.

Dott. Martina Mirko - Application Engineer @Intek



  • Collection of signals up to a million of data per second
  • System reliability
  • Accuracy
  • Easy to use software
  • Easy setup 



  • iDaq
  • Easy Data Logger
  • Advanced Signal Visualizer



  • Embedded CompactDAQ
  • iDaq
  • Easy Data Logger
  • Advanced Signal Visualizer
  • Gascromatografo


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