In the production department Cembre has built an innovative test bench with the implementation of HMI software for tool testing.


Machinery and HMI interfacing software


The challenge

Cembre is the leading Italian manufacturer and one of the leading European manufacturers of electrical compression connectors and tools for their installation.

In the production department Cembre has built an innovative test bench with the implementation of HMI software for tool testing. Test bench has been built to meet the need for a high performance measuring system.

TOOLS for SMART MINDS is required the versatile reliable solution for the management of signals acquired with National Instruments circuit boards and to define a communication protocol that allows HMI written in different languages to use the signals.




Tools produced by Cembre

Tools produced by Cembre



The solution

T4SM has developed a high performance real-time protocol that allows third party programs, developed with different programming languages, to control the operation of the test bench.

The main data acquired are:

  • National Instruments measuring system status
  • Sensor signals
  • Bench components status


National Instruments hardware has allowed Cembre to design the test bench in a modular way, guaranteeing high reliability in measurements and high performance.

The use of different programming languages for the realization of the HMI has allowed Cembre to create a test bench with a simple, intuitive and very innovative interface.



Cembre's custom solution diagram

Cembre's custom solution diagram


Benefits and Results


  • Fast system development with the guarantee of high performance.
  • Easy two-way communication between test bench, HMI software and project management software.
  • Automatic reconnection and reconfiguration of National Instruments hardware in case of anomaly.
  • The complete diagnostics of the CompactDAQ acquisition system is available at the HMI.

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"Thanks to T4SM, we've integrated within our process a system, able to control the production status, to monitor energy consumption, and to control product and order costs and margins.

"T4SM was involved to identify the solution to several problems that made the realization of an innovative test bench complex. With extreme competence, concreteness and speed we were able to implement an effective and robust solution, which allowed us to finish the project successfully".

Andrea Turati

ICT Department ‑ Business Information Manager




  • High-performance measuring system
  • Bidirectional communication between test bench with HMI software and project management software





Development of a real-time, high-performance communication protocol that allows fast communication between the technological test bench built by Cembre and the project management system.




  • Real-time and high-performance custom communication protocol
  • National Instruments Card
  • Network cable


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