The need for Fluiver, a company specializing in industrial refinish coatings, is to track the production process and reduce the use of paper.

Machinery interconnection in optics 4.0 to digitalize and manage the production agilely


The challenge

Fluiver is an innovative company specializing in the highest quality finishes for the entire automotive industry.

The company has a need to:

  • Digitize the production process;
  • Reduce paper usage and human errors resulting from transcription;
  • Track the production process.

In order to digitalize the production process we have, through our solutions, interconnected the machinery, which in this specific case is an oven, in a 4.0 perspective. After undergoing a survey and thus proving to meet all 4.0 requirements, the company was able to benefit from the tax incentives offered by the Transition 4.0 plan.

TOOLS for SMART MINDS provided solutions for the collection and analysis of the data acquired by the machinery to detect in real time all the parameters of the plant. The programs applied are based on Fluiver's current production structure.

The solution

T4SM proposed to Fluiver simple and intuitive solutions that allow an agile work organization and an efficient management of the entire production process. The software installed has also been tested extensively in order to provide products that effectively meet each need:

iDaq acquires the operating parameters from the machinery in real time, including the temperature, in order to maximize the performance of all heating and cooking phases and consequently the quality of the final product;

Digital Factory 4.0 thanks to a simple and immediate representation controls in real time all process and production data, such as:

  • the machine status
  • the production times
  • the article in production
  • the number of pieces produced;
  • the presence of eventual alarms.

Part Program Manager: Fluiver is equipped with a management system, but through this platform it can now easily manage the entire company workflow: in a few clicks it can create a new job, start it, view its progress and specify the number of pieces. Pemrette, moreover, to send data to the machine (requirement 4.0) as the name of the article and the job,

Operator Panel: allows operators to start production orders directly on the machine, to make their work easier, for example in monitoring the number of pieces produced and production times.


Solution Diagram of the supervision software



Benefits and Results

T4SM, through its software, has allowed Fluiver to achieve the set objectives and the following benefits:

  • The reduction of the use of paper: through the use of part program manager, Fluiver has been able to reduce the use of paper as a tool for counting the pieces produced, reducing at the same time the human error resulting from the transcription on paper;
  • The complete traceability of the production with a real-time display of all information instrumental to the optimization of the production process. The collected data are also historicizable (requirement 4.0) in order to define long-term business strategies;
  • State incentives of the Impresa 4.0 Plan. Complying with all the requirements reported by the legislation, Fluiver was able to access the tax benefits.

Future Developments

The collaboration with T4SM will continue with a further project of digitalization of the production process.

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"Our experience with T4SM has been a pleasant surprise thanks to the young and dynamic structure that allows to give the customer an adequate service in today's market, where reactivity in facing the problem and the ability to propose immediate solutions is fundamental and winning."


Luca Scotti

General Manager

Fluiver s.r.l




  • Digitizing the production process
  • Production management system
  • Reducing the use of paper
  • Production traceability



Based on a system consisting of highly modular Industry 4.0 software solutions that allow interconnection with the company database. In addition, Production controller lite has been implemented to facilitate the configuration of machinery recipes and the streamlining of the workflow.



  • iDaq
  • Digital factory 4.0
  • Part program manager
  • Operator panel


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