Tobanelli's need is to have an automated system to facilitate the work and increase the sorting quality of aluminium scrap.


PLC and mass spectrometers interfacing software


The challenge

Tobanelli is a company that competes in the national and European market for the aluminum scrap selection and sorting.

It is a company on the cutting edge and always looking for innovative technologies to update its production plants.

Tobanelli's need is to have an automated system to facilitate the work and increase the sorting quality of aluminium scrap.

For this purpose it is necessary to interconnect the PLC and two mass spectrometers. TOOLS for SMART MINDS is required the development of a versatile, reliable and simple solution for data communication.





Tobanelli’s Head Quater

Tobanelli’s Head Quater


The Solution

To satisfy Tobanelli's need, T4SM has developed a high-performance software that allows the PLC to communicate with the measuring instruments in a simple and fast way.

The main data acquired are:

  • Real-time conductivity and scrap composition acquisition.
  • Conveyor belt speed.
  • Piece Counter.
  • Cycle/Measurement times.
  • Recipe management.

The solution guarantees very high reliability, speed and top performance in measurements.

Thanks to the realization of a simple, intuitive and customized solution, Tobanelli has been able to eliminate human errors in the aluminum scrap sorting, increasing the working efficiency.


Diagram of the solution proposed to Tobanelli SPA

Diagram of the solution proposed to Tobanelli SPA


Benefits and Results

All the set objectives have been achieved, thus allowing Tobanelli to obtain considerable benefits:

  • Increased work efficiency: with the production data collected automatically, it is possible to have a precise and immediate account about all the various scraps composition.
  • Time-saving: thanks to the easier communication between Siemens PLC and measuring instruments, the aluminium scrap sorting is faster.
  • Intelligent traceability of the production: all the data of the working cycle are saved and it' s possible to have a history of the measurements made.


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"In the last year we have renewed our sorting department with the technological automation of the instruments already in use.

We are very satisfied with this new plant, which was the result of a close collaboration with T4SM's team of experts.

TOOLS for SMART MINDS has demonstrated good technical skills and availability, allowing us to achieve the desired goal. ”

Daniele Bettinzoli

R&D Manager

Tobanelli SPA




  • High performance measuring automation of aluminium scrap selection
  • Easy communication between PLC and measuring instruments
  • Quick reading of mass spectrometer serial ports






Development of a real-time and high performance communication software that allows communication between Siemens PLC and NITON and SIGMA mass spectrometers.




  • Real-time and high performance custom software
  • Network cable or Wi-Fi connection




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